The Writing Debacle Podcast Episode 6 – POSTPONED

This weeks episode of the Writing Debacle Podcast has been postponed due to technical difficulty. I recorded episode 6 and started editing, only to find that some technical issue had caused a great deal of skipping. I tried to salvage the file, but it was far too distracting and annoying to put listeners through.

Next week, I will be discussing the steps I have taken to improve my writing over the last three years.

For now, please find below the episode links which I had collected and discussed, or would have if the audio had been up to par.


Cem Bilici

The Writing Debacle Podcast Episode 5 – 2016 Week 3

Week 3 of 2016 and episode 5 of the Writing Debacle.

And with this week comes a new addition: Video

Moving forward, I may branch the video episodes out and do something a little different and more entertaining, but for now the audio and video are recorded simultaneously.


Cem Bilici

The Writing Debacle Podcast Goes Social

New social media accounts have been created or re-purposed for the use of the Writing Debacle Podcast. Updates and information will be provided through these accounts, which include a Twitter, Pinterest and Flipboard magazine. So now as well as subscribing to the podcast you can follow along in other ways.

And don’t forget the main writing website/blog and social accounts for me, Cem Bilici, which can be found HERE.

The Writing Debacle Podcast Episode 4 – 2016 Week 2

Week 2 of 2016 is at an end and here’s the latest episode of the Writing Debacle Podcast. I talk about what I have accomplished in the week and a little more about further areas I would like to improve and focus on for my writing and publishing goals.


Cem Bilici

The Writing Debacle Podcast Episode 3 – Relaunch

Welcome to the relaunched Writing Debacle Podcast.

The podcast is taking a new, shorter format from what I had originally intended. This will ensure that I am both able to have time to produce it and continue to write, which I do in my spare time outside of the nine-to-five.

The new format will basically be me talking about my year in writing and journey to finally being published, both with my novels and short stories.

The episodes will be 15-20 minutes weekly and I am determined to stick to this.

Recorded on the 8th of January, 2016. Transcription to come soon.


Cem Bilici